High Volume Merchant Account – Truths You Must Know About the Internet Merchants Account


Internet Merchants Account is one way of doing on-line transactions. To qualify, you must have a credit card in order to have orders on line. Merchant Accounts that you could choose from  best high risk payment gateway are those that use credit cards or those that accept even through telephone calls or through the Internet.

Rates and Terms

There is a risk in using the Merchants Account. Anybody could transact without a card. One can use a stolen or a lost card and make orders on line even before the owner has reported the lost or stolen card.

Anybody cannot just apply for a merchants account. If you are new in your business and could only generate up to a hundred dollars, Merchants Account is not for you. Sales in your business are not limited but you must also be aware that the higher amount you have, the more higher fees you will be charged. Merchants Account charges the following fees: start up fee, monthly fees, transaction fees and discount rates, shipping fees and taxes. Some do not show their real other charges

Orders can be achieved directly on line. Credit cards used are processed through the electronic card processing equipment. Credit cards may be processed through the Real time Processing or the Non-Real time processing.

Real Time Processing

When an order is placed, the customer will be given a secure payment form in the merchant’s website where needed information about the credit card will be written. Then it will be processed in real time. Instant result will show whether the credit card is approved or not. It is beneficial because of its speed but it offers less security and risk of card fraud.

Non-Real Time Processing

A virtual credit card terminal will be used by the merchant. This process takes time because the information will be saved and it will be processed only until the merchant decides to transfer the info to the processor. However this is more advantageous because your credit cards are more secured.

This includes the Batch Credit Card Processing. This is best for small-scale businesses. This is done by group and the cards are processed simultaneously.

There is also the Wireless Processing or the Phone Credit Card Processing, a simple but special account. All you need is just a touch-tone telephone or a cell phone. No long distance call will be charged because there is a toll-free number.

Shopping Cart

A Shopping Cart is a software application that is located in your Web site. This function benefits more the customers because it allows them to choose, order or purchase products from your website. Through the Shopping Cart, you can have your billing information that totals the items chosen with the tax and shipping fees added.

Customer Support & Services

All internet merchant accounts must be supportive and service-oriented to please the customers. The success of on-line businesses depends on the services and assistance provided. A good provider must meet the demands of the customers and offers support 24 hours a day.

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